Flower Show – Jashnay Baharan Celebrations 2017

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4 Responses

  1. PHA careers says:

    Wonderful work by PHA. They need to make city beautiful like Paris. Citizens also need to help PHA.

  2. n.eajaz says:

    Beautiful…. but comparing the work done by pha lahore with pha multan… it feels like pha multan has done nothing…. work in lahore speaks fr itself… may be its due to reason that pha multan has just been established whereas in lahore its functional for years… can we expect we ll b able to see same level of beutification in our city in a few years?? Coz … it wd b great to see such work in multan

  3. Alinna aleez says:

    Good work PHA [Parks & Horticulture Authority] Lahore keep it up Thanks

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